West Hall is my favorite building on campus.

It's old and brick with columns by the front doors. The walls inside are all white brick, but the doors have chipped and peeling paint on them. My creative writing class is in a crazy side room on the second floor, with the tables all in a circle. IT'S ALMOST ENTIRELY GUYS. I've never been in a mostly guys writing class. Or even a mostly guys English class. Unfortunately, almost all of these guys are so unattractively awkward I don't even want to sit by them. That was mean, but you get the point. They're REALLY awkward. One of them was wearing neon green skinny jeans, purple socks, loafers, and horn-rimmed glasses.
Public transportation is... weird. I rode the light rail from work to school and back. It was kinda nice, I guess. I didn't have to drive. But I did have to listen to obese people discuss liquor, which was not ideal. Oh, and try to have a conversation with an old black man who no longer had enough teeth to really speak. This sucked mostly because I felt bad about not being able to understand a word he said. The light rail feels kind of like being on a Star Wars transport ship. By which I mean... When I was sitting there half braindead on the way back at 8 tonight, I was looking out the large rectangular window, framed by the white metal and the clean seats... And I thought of Star Wars. Maybe the medic ship in Empire Strikes Back? Otherwise just one of the regular transports from Ep II or III.
On my way from class to the light rail, I saw a guy walking a wolf on campus. I stopped to talk to him, and pet the wolf. This made my day. Wolves are soooooooo awesome. And make so much better pets than most people think. And they're just so beautiful.
I wish my ferret would stop trying to eat my belongings. My feet count as belongings in this instance.

Target vs My Money

I did it again.... Went to Target to get trashbags for packing...
I did get trashbags, which is good. However, I also got gum, lipstain, eyeshadow, and two pairs of underwear.
How do I do this? Literally, every time I go to Target... But only the one in Flagstaff. The one in the Tuke sucks ass. Thankfully, I'll soon be away from this constant temptation to spend moneyz I may or may not have.

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I am so fucking angry, and I'm not even sure why, but I'm sick of it. Fuck everyone, fuck everything. I want to beat someone's face in, for no reason, and I don't think I'd be sorry afterwards if I did. I should not be this angry, over literally nothing, but I am.

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I was going to watch V for Vendetta and exercise instead of doing homework. Turns out, the TV in the exercise room is broken, so I'm eating chocolate chip cookies and watching Scrubs (again) instead. Still not doing homework, though.

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Books, Boots & Badasses

Kindle. Do I want one? 
Thousands of books available almost instantly, can carry as many as I want at one time, no dead trees needed.
No more pretty bookshelf collections, no more smell of fresh paper and ink, probably not as sturdy as average paperback.


Also, I have decided to feature a segment in my journal called "Badass of the Week." (title inspired by Amanda). This does NOT mean that I will have a badass every week, just that I won't have more than one a week. People retroactively included in this list are: Papa Roach, Hunter S. Thompson, and Alan Moore.